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With our Managed Trading Service you will enjoy an above-average return in combination with outstanding risk management.

Partnering with MOcean means, you will benefit of a closed circle in terms of financial administration, automated trading execution without headaches and time efforts and flexible cash management of profit and returns.

Once you decide to open a Managed Trading Services Account you have done the first step. In the next step you verify your identity through our systems with documents uploads or provide the ID documents and proof of address information through email. After this your account is ready for funding. Transfer your desired amount in your new Managed Trading Services Account and lean back. Profits and returns are being credited into your electronic wallet and can be withdrawn and used for your personal expenses and purposes at any time.


Apply for an own electronic wallet account with us. There are no monthly fees and it is completely free of charge. This account will be your future interface between your Managed Trading Services Account and also the crediting account of returns and profits.

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KYC Validation & Signing the contract

It goes without saying that our activities must comply with international laws, directives and regulations. To combat Money laundering and Terrorism Financing has highest priority for us as professional financial services provider. Our AML CFT Program and the international KYC guidelines are followed and apply also to you as potential, new client.

Our team will then check these data and activate your account, usually within 24 hours.
You must also confirm that you wish to participate in our Managed Trading Service, that we have permission to trade on your behalf, and that you are aware of the risk involved in such an investment. You will receive the documents digitally via email for signing. No paperwork required.


Once your account has been activated, you can fund your account with a normal bank transfer from your local bank. Simply make a normal transfer. The money will usually be credited within 1-3 days.

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Step 4

Monthly withdrawal

Every month you will receive your profit returns (if applicable) directly onto your online wallet account. You can request this for payment at any time. Our team will then usually process it within a few days.

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