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MOcean Ltd wants to make it easy for you

MOcean is one of that 1% of companies that work transparent and obtained all possible in our jurisdiction to offer our valued services to the public. Clean and clear contracts, no hidden passages, oustanding performance technologies, efficient data signals and best possible brokerage partners for a smooth and reliable execution.

Since 2013, MOcean’s trading technologies, expert advisors and bots have constantly been developed and improved. In 2019 everything was ready to get started. The company formation in Kazakhstan, the arrangements of all legal requirements and the obtaining of MOcean’s official accreditation from the regulator have been completed in 2020. We are ready to go with you.

Why Kazakhstan as domicile for MOcean?

Kazakhstan is a juncture between Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. A country that inspires and give new inputs to our business. Kazakhstan is one of the leading hubs for Fintech and Brokerage company since its regulation is entrepreneur friendly, the tax system is attractive and the banking infrastructure is world class.

The economy of Kazakhstan is the largest economy of Central Asia in terms of gross domestic product and 47th in the world and a member of the Eurasian Economic Union.

MOcean Ltd has been established in the industrial metropole of Uralsk in Western Kazakhstan with easy access by car and plane to the capital, neighboring Russia and the Caspian Sea area.

An Expert Advisor, or „EA“ for short, or sometimes „Robot“ or „Algo“, is a program written in the MQL programming language for MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5, which automatically opens and closes positions within the MetaTrader trading software, can handle trade management, or greatly enhances your manual trading experience with additional features.

EAs that automatically execute trades are programs that place and/or monitor orders for you in the Forex and CFD markets according to a pre-defined trading strategy. Expert Advisors can be programmed with very complex strategies and algorithms or with relatively simple implementation of buy or sell signals from indicators such as „range breakouts“ or „moving average“ strategies.

Meanwhile, our EA contains a development time of more than 8 years and has been continuously improved and adapted to new situations. Depending on which version of our EA we use, we work with 8 or 12 currency pairs simultaneously. Our strategy has proven itself over many years and delivered outstanding performance at an acceptable risk.

MOcean Company Stats:

Broker Partners

MOcean only works with reputable and good standing ECN brokers where your funds are being traded through our EA/Bot system. All brokerage partners are fully licensed in their country of incorporation. Among others we also work with the brokers Roboforex and fxpro.