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You can use our professional Managed Trading Service for as little as 5,000 USD. You will receive a secured electronic wallet account where you can deposit your investment and all profits will be credited to your account. The funds can then also be paid out via normal bank transfer.

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over 20 years

Our competences and IT experts offer you full how and expertise based on more than 20 years of experience

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With us you invest in the best of man and machine. Over 6 years of development, followed by over 5 years of trading without a single margin call and a best possible performance, speak for themselves!


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FOREX means Foreign Exchange and is also known as foreign exchange trading.
It is the economic place where foreign exchange supply and demand meet and where the exchange rate is determined. The daily turnover in the Forex sector worldwide is about 5.3 trillion US dollars, which makes it the largest financial market in the world.

Forex trading means placing positions on rising and/or falling prices.
The community of private traders worldwide accounts for a total turnover of about 8% of the daily volume of money traded in the Forex market. Therefore 92% of the Forex market is in the hands of banks, funds and insurance companies, the so-called „market makers“, i.e. those who steer the market. All others are freeloaders in the big cloud of this incredible financial market!

Once you realize this, it is clear that you must NEVER ever trade against the „Big Players“, but always in the direction of the trend they are setting — „The Trend Is Your Friend“ —
Ultimately, of course, all this is based on pure mathematics!

Therefore, after years of development and testing, we were able to complete a so-called „FX Trading Bot“ or EA (Expert Advisor). With this bot we now have a tool that monitors the Forex market completely automatically, i.e. free of emotions such as fear or greed, it opens and closes positions and thus generates substantial profits 24 hours, 5 days a week.

Only through years of development of this complex mathematical algorithm are we able to meet the challenges of the present and future market situations and generate stable returns.


Thomas & Marcel
Founder of MOcean

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We offer our customers multiligual support.

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We work strictly according to the law! MOcean Ltd obtained an official accreditation from the Regulator.

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Our proven track record and performance varies between 50 and 100% per year on average.


Our platforms and online banking system are based on state-of-the-art technology.


Careful analysis by our team ensures a continuous improvement of our algorithm.

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Modern and mobile friendly design. With us you work contemporary.

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Our team consists of developers, traders, business people and more. Many specializations in one package ensure an outstanding product, excellent service and an unquenchable thirst for more.
We have ambitious plans, accompany us on our way!

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